November 1, 1913. A datum pointed out in the History of César da Silva and where names such as João Fernandes Rosa, Alexandre Vasconcelos, José Anastácio do Nascimento e José Fernandes.

Born in Zona Velha – under the name of União de Futebol and Clube de Futebol da União, a blue and yellow community, from the first hour, as one of the most important football clubs on Madeira Island.

In spite of the past, throughout its history, in an even less happy way, the Union of Madeira conquers, in times, the greater party status of the island, counting on 6 appearances in the 1ª National Division, one last of which at the time 2015/2016.

Behind this grandiose club, not only are the nuclei of Madeira one of the strategies of representation and are more the values ​​and symbols of the regional culture. The Madeira Union has always been a club close to its community. He even received the Medal of Good Sports Services, Silver Medal of the Relief and Shipwreck Institute and Gold Medal of the City of Funchal.

This company is not today and partner of the prestigious brand Museum CR7, having the godmother Miss. Dolores Aveiro, mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, and that personifies all the strength and will of struggle underlying the unionist culture.

Tânia Silva


José Costa

Vice- President

João Carlos Silva

Vice- President

Nélio Camacho

Vice- President

Valeriano Rosário

Vice- President

José Ramos

Vice- President

Sérgio Nóbrega

Deputy President



The decades of 50 and 60 are in the history of the Madeira Union as one of the most successful times. The name of Medina coach, natural of the Canaries, will be forever associated with this golden phase. The story goes that the hymn in honor of Medina is, of all, the most complete in what concerns the historical footsteps of the Club. In the period 2014-2015, the Madeira Union anthem received new clothes, modernizing itself in the beat, a production of Paulo Ferraz Studio, with voices of the Madeiran singer Vânia Fernandes, Rubina Fernandes, Bruno Airaf and João Luís Mendonça.


A sports complex is the home of a club, its work office, where one lives and breathes the colors of the shield that leads to the chest. In the case of the Madeira Union, this area is in Vale Paraíso, where our professionals train during the week, where we had the privilege of attending the consecration as champions of our youth and our veterans, where we daily witness the formation of the men of the future and the progression of our youth football ranks.

For all these reasons, the administration led by Filipe Silva decided to clear the face of Vale Paraíso and endowing it with new conditions in all sectors.

A new lawn, more safety in our synthetic, the recovery of it, a renewed bar so that all our visitors and athletes have a greater comfort, a new area of ​​conviviality for our professional athletes were the core of this intervention because we believe that camaraderie, conviviality and mutual aid are integral parts of success in a professional competition.